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My name is Joseph Soliman Mankarious.  Photographer, family man and traveller.


We are truly an international household.  I’m originally from Alexandria, Egypt, my wife is from Poland and whilst my beautiful daughters were born in London, they have French names.


I have been fortunate enough to live and work in many places.  France, Greece, Poland and of course Egypt and it was growing up there that inspired my love of photography.


As a schoolboy, I witnessed the tragedy of the 1992 earthquake.  The loss and destruction had a profound affect on me, but I was unable to document what I saw as I couldn’t afford a camera.  Instead, I cut out pictures from the newspapers and created my own account, calling it Land Unrest. 


From that time, I resolved to one day have my own camera and become a photographer. Fast forward a few years and I got that camera, several actually, but whilst I was taking some lovely photos, something was missing.


With my passion as strong as ever, I decided to learn how to become a professional and with the support of my wife, family, friends and work colleagues, I’m now pursuing that dream.

In 2018 I started a Postgraduate photography course at the British Academy of Photography and learn more as each day passes.


My time living and working in different countries has taught me far more than just language, its taught me how to understand different people and cultures which I hope reflects in the work I now produce.


Thank you for reading,


Joseph Soliman Mankarious

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